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Advanced Renewable Power (ARP) is at the forefront of performance and efficiency in energy-harnessing Lithium-Ion technologies for utility scale, transportation and commercial & industrial applications.

We manufacture battery modules, battery packs, Stationary Power Grids (SPG) and Mobile Power Grids (MPG). Optional custom solar panel arrays optimized for use with ARPs MPG/SPG systems. Optional wind turbine systems developed by ARP for high output at very low wind. ARP battery assemblies and MPG systems are engineered to the specific application and customer requirements. 

Our multiple chemistries, prismatic cell design, and proprietary stacking architecture result in products that offer superior service life, reliability and safety. Our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) monitors assemblies and systems at the cell level reporting critical parameters within cycles. Our Thermal Management System (TMS) will keep cells, modules, packs and MPGs at ideal temperature for the system long life and short term performance. Our power & energy generation, optimization, and balancing hardware and software (Balancer) is designed to provide the most efficient and least expensive electricity at the MPG level.


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Mobile Power Grids

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